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The Art of Public Speaking

The training will cover deep draining into the following areas with improvement areas focused.

  • How do develop your self as a powerful speaker?
  • What are the skills you need to present powerfully?
  • Where you need improvements in you posture, body language, and eye contact?
  • Where you need to have the correct voice modulation to be effective?
  • How to use the stage effectively?
  • How to use the tools at your disposal?
  • How you need to control the presentation?
  • How you use the body language of the audience to your effect?
  • How your dress code should match with your presentation?
  • What is the expectations of the audience?
  • How to develop your communication to present effectively?
  • Where and how to get feedback from your audience?
  • What is the right time to throw a question at the audience?
  • How to know the mood of the audience?
  • How to make your presentation interactive?
  • How much pause to give between ideas?
  • How best you can utilize the sitting arrangement to effect your presentation?<
  • How to make your slides?
  • How to drive stronger points between a presentation?
  • how to throw a humor between a presentation?
  • How to club humor with serious presentation?
  • How much data can be delivered in a presentation?
  • How to use the manage when there is a power break?
  • What is the best time to give a break?
  • What is the time limit for different type of presentation?
  • What is you reaction to appraisal?
  • How to sound like a professional trainer?
  • What level of body Lagrange is needed for very serious training?
  • Where you need improvement overall in your skills and delivery?

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